Vertical video: Walking around Tokyo’s loop line

Vertical video: Walking around Tokyo’s loop line

The Yamanote Line is a 34.5km loop around Tokyo. I walked around it and cut this vertical video from the footage I took on my phone.

I posted the video to Reddit – on the Tokyo subreddit – and it didn’t take long for the anti-vertical-video activists to come out of the woodwork:

Nice, must’ve taken a while to make. But for the love of all that is holy, never again record, let alone edit and publish, a vertical video.

I decided to engage:

I respectfully disagree. This was designed to be consumed on a smartphone.

But the redditor was far from convinced:

Most new content is made to consider phones, too. But also all other devices. Phones have Landscape mode. You just shut out a shitload of possible consumers of your content by making it portrait.

I know that phones have landscape mode, but I know that many people don’t use it:

I’ve seen people on public transport watching widescreen videos while they hold their phones vertically – it doesn’t occur to many people to flip their phones around so the content fits the screen. This video was something fun and experimental and it seems even people with strong views on the aspect ratio – like you – will still watch it if they think the content has some substance.