Treasure chest of images

Old Japanese portrait
Three unknown people in an unknown location.

When I lived in Japan I’d always enjoy the markets held at the temples. They sold all kinds of weird and wonderful one-off items.

Visiting one such market with my cousin in Osaka, we came across this giant box of assorted black and white photographs that was being offloaded at a bargain price. We split them up and still had a decent-sized pile each.

Going through the photos I found portraits from a time when the Japanese wore clothes that were identifiably “Japanese”, scenes from battlefields and even well-trimmed bonsai trees.

So far I’ve used them to create my homemade birthday cards or I’ve painted on them and stuck them in my journals. But, I have really been wanting to do something else with them.

The video editing software I bought was quite expensive and included a number of secondary applications. Motion (4) is a piece of software that creates motion graphics. I’ve been trying to find time to learn how to use it and done a couple of tutorials here and there. However, those days of half-hearted attempts are well and truly over. I’ve decided to really push myself to learn how to use every aspect of the software. And I will use some of the old photographs as stock images to practice with. At the end I’ll put together an interesting edit that showcases the more-interesting pictures.

The video below of the two identical twins is just a taste of what to expect. Stay tuned.

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