The Aussie school teaching in Japanese

The Aussie school teaching in Japanese

YouTube is not television. But, so much news content on YouTube is taken straight from television and transferred directly to the web.

YouTube doesn’t require that videos fit a certain time slot – they can run as long as they deserve to run.

With this in mind, an ABC News Digital colleague and I recently pitched a number of ideas for short YouTube documentaries. They would be tailor-made for YouTube and we didn’t have to worry about referring to the television rule book.

I’ve created five of these videos and the first went live about a week ago. This video looks at the Japanese-English bilingual program that a school in Brisbane is running. I’d seen a story on the program when it was launched four and a half years ago and I was interested to see how far the children had progressed.

Anyway, here’s the video.

Here are some tweets from people who have seen it: