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Vertical video: I bought a trampoline

Vertical video: I bought a trampoline

I used to run video workshops in regional newsrooms where I sternly told reporters never to shoot video vertically with their smartphones. Though I’d still encourage those particular reporter to shoot in landscape I’ve since changed my stance significantly. There’s certainly a place for vertical video now that a good chunk of online video content […]

Another year, another year-in-review video

The end of the year signals a time for reflection on the year that has passed. The media loves compiling lists at the end of each year so it was very little wonder that I created a year-in-review video for APN. Oh, 2012 was such an eventful year. We had Julian Assange holed up in […]

Playing the role

I spent a day in Gympie last week for work. After an enjoyable day I was asked if I’d mind helping out a photographer by modelling in photograph. In the past my hands have played the role of a sex-predator typing on a keyboard, I’ve held my head in those same hands as I hunched […]