Skate park etiquette 101

Skate park etiquette 101

My introduction to videography was via skate videos and homemade films. From there I gradually applied my journalistic knowledge and here I am today working primarily in video for a news organisation.

My brother Joe and I recently had a rare chance to catch up in Sydney – he lives in Melbourne and I’m in Brisbane – so we took the opportunity to plan and shoot a video that nodded to our past. After a bit of to and froing, we decided to do a tongue-in-cheek guide to skate park etiquette.

A screenshot of the timeline of a video being edited with Final Cut Pro.
I cut the skate park etiquette project using Final Cut Pro X, like I do for the majority of my personal projects.

I cut the majority of the edit during my commute and then uploaded it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It quickly gained momentum on Facebook while the views just dribbled in on the other platforms.

At time of writing the video had just shy of 16,000 views on Facebook – considering my page only has about 100 likes, that’s pretty impressive – from 223 shares. The majority – 87 per cent – of viewers were men and the average watch time was 22 seconds. I’ll post some screenshots of the analytics below.