I probably love and appreciate the panorama function on the iPhone more than most people. Back in the early noughties I used to painstakingly stitch individual photos together using an early version of Photoshop. The results are far from perfect, but I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.

pano1Yes, Trevis is indeed wearing a Vanuatu island dress and riding a scooter.

pano1BWe had a lot of fun making several of these panoramic masterpieces.

pano2And we were not afraid to get in front of the lens. Trevis very kindly let me do the majority of the post-production work.

pano2BThe iPhone, of course, allows users to simply pan the phone and let the device stitch the recorded light into a seamless panoramic image.

On a recent trip to Japan I spent a lot of time on trains where I had a lot of time to think. Brainwave: why don’t I try to use the train as a dolly instead of panning?! So I waited until we were about to pass another train and I held the iPhone firmly up to the window and tapped on the panorama shutter button. I was quite impressed with the result.

IMG_4631Okay, that looks pretty interesting. Let’s see how it looks when we roll past a platform.

IMG_4633Hold on a second. Something doesn’t look right. Let me zoom in a little bit.

IMG_4633BAnd something about this woman just doesn’t look right.

IMG_4633CAnd when we started moving faster, things started looking a lot more crazy.

IMG_4636But how would things look from a speeding bullet train? Let’s see.

IMG_4664Let’s zoom in and have a look at some of that detail shall we?

IMG_4664BAnd how about rolling into a station on one of the platforms? Let’s have a look.

IMG_4665And allow me to zoom in for you. Let’s see some of the detail on this panorama!

IMG_4665BThat’s a bit odd. Let me see if there’s anything else that doesn’t quite look right.

IMG_4665CIf you’re still keen to see more head over to the panorama fail Tumblr.