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Gym-ball mash up

In my early teens one of my favourite pastimes other than number plate spotting was what I’ll refer to as seaside freestyle gymnastics or SFG. After school a group of us would scurry down to the Margate beachfront and do a variety of flips from a bank onto the sand roughly two feet below. There […]

Playing the role

I spent a day in Gympie last week for work. After an enjoyable day I was asked if I’d mind helping out a photographer by modelling in photograph. In the past my hands have played the role of a sex-predator typing on a keyboard, I’ve held my head in those same hands as I hunched […]

Tradition and appreciation

Yesterday a Japanese dance troupe performed on the Gold Coast to thank the Australian people for their quick response to the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami. “We dance and sing to express our gratitude for your support,” their leaflet read.

Japan: Now and then.

I did promise to create a spectacular series of animated antique Japanese photographs. And I still plan to complete this project. But in the meantime, I decided to do a quick edit (in Final Cut Pro) that juxtaposes the new and old of Japan. Watch in full-screen mode to properly savour the HD goodness. And […]

Treasure chest of images

When I lived in Japan I’d always enjoy the markets held at the temples. They sold all kinds of weird and wonderful one-off items. Visiting one such market with my cousin in Osaka, we came across this giant box of assorted black and white photographs that was being offloaded at a bargain price. We split […]

The espresso machine Julian made

I love to hang around people who are passionate about their interests. Julian, or Julz as I always call him, certainly fits into this category. The first time I met him was when he was still at uni and working at a coffee shop. He told me about a Frankenstein coffee machine he created from […]

Weed Heads and Bong Skate Park

Like the BeeGees, I went to Humpybong State School. Other kids from neighbouring schools used to employ their sharpest wit and call it Humpy-pong. Ouch! The Humpybong Skate Park would often have the “Humpy” part painted over. “Bong Skate Park”! Can you imagine that? I’ve been working in Tweed Heads since late May last year […]

Japanese anti-rain dolly thingies

This entry is a thinly disguised iPhone test post. To be superficial one must mention the weather, correct? Tomorrow I’m hoping to shoot a My Town segment at Chinderah so I’m hoping water won’t continue to fall from the sky. My video camera is like a mogwai and mustn’t get wet. In Japan I remember […]

Recycling recycling

“Never use the same word twice in a headline.” I received that advice and have tried to stick to it. But I’ll play by my own rules in the DDS*Mediasphere. I’ve avoided taking my video camera outside in the past week because of the inclement weather. I did, however, take it out for some fresh […]

Back online.

I originally set up this site as an online portfolio to help me get work as a journalist in Australia. But, seeing as I have a job at APN as a “digital online producer”, there’s not such a pressing need for me to showcase my work online. I’ve been thinking revamping my site and having […]