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About a bridge

I’ve never been strong with dates. But, I think it was fifteen years ago that I received an old drawing of a bridge. The lady who gave it to me made me promise that I would take good care of it. So despite my numerous moves and stays overseas, I’ve always made sure that the […]

Malaria – a retrospective

Only fourteen more sleeps until World Malaria Day! How are you going to celebrate this special day? Me? I’m probably going to cast my mind back to late 2001 when I was living in Vanuatu and malaria decided to take me for a spin. What a ride that was. According to the World Health Organisation’s […]

Another year, another year-in-review video

The end of the year signals a time for reflection on the year that has passed. The media loves compiling lists at the end of each year so it was very little wonder that I created a year-in-review video for APN. Oh, 2012 was such an eventful year. We had Julian Assange holed up in […]

Outlanders – Brief encounter

About five years ago when I was living in Osaka some of my workmates were in a band and recording a few original songs. I think the deal was that another bloke paid for their studio time in return for recording a couple of songs that he had penned lyrics for. They had a few […]

Parko returns to much fanfare

World champion surfer Joel “Parko” Parkinson gave me a chance to return to my old stomping grounds – Coolangatta – on Wednesday. After winning the ASP title he was returning to his hometown and his main sponsor, Billabong, was encouraging anyone and everyone to welcome him home. He certainly returned home in style – the […]


For those of you from overseas, every year when Australian final-year high school students graduate they descend on the Gold Coast – namely Surfers Paradise – to participate in an event called Schoolies. They usually spend a week with friends getting drunk and enjoying their first taste of freedom in various ways. Schoolies starts today […]

Listen closely

I’d been eagerly awaiting the second series of Lowdown – the sitcom based around the misadventures tabloid journalist Alex Burchill – ever since the first series aired a couple of years back. Sure, there’s a journalistic link, but the unique brand of humour also appeals to me. So when the first episode of the new […]