Outlanders – Brief encounter

Outlanders in Osaka, Japan.
Outlanders take a stroll through the streets of Osaka after a recording session. (L-R Phil, Craig, Adam, Kevin and Mike)

About five years ago when I was living in Osaka some of my workmates were in a band and recording a few original songs. I think the deal was that another bloke paid for their studio time in return for recording a couple of songs that he had penned lyrics for. They had a few catchy numbers that I liked. So when I heard that the Outlanders were heading into the studio I was keen to shoot the whole event with the tiny 3CCD Panasonic consumer-grade camcorder I was using at the time. For some reason I never got around to cutting a video together and I almost completely forgot that I had the tapes until the drummer, Craig (second from left), visited me last week. I promised him that I’d edit a video together. So here it is.

And below is the catchy number titled “Kiseichu” – Japanese for parasite – which refers to grown-up children who still live with their parents and leech off them.