Japanese anti-rain dolly thingies

This entry is a thinly disguised iPhone test post.

To be superficial one must mention the weather, correct? Tomorrow I’m hoping to shoot a My Town segment at Chinderah so I’m hoping water won’t continue to fall from the sky. My video camera is like a mogwai and mustn’t get wet.
In Japan I remember people teruteru bozu, a tissue ghost, to ward off the rain. Empirical studies apparently show conclusively that they do not work.
So what exactly is a teruteru bozu? Let’s ask my wife a Japanese person.
“It’s a fun thing for children if, for instance, the next day they have an excursion and the weather isn’t looking good. That child wants good weather for the next day. So the Japanese child will make teruteru bozu with tissue paper and draw a face and put it in the window so it can be seen by the sky. It doesn’t work. It’s a wish. I haven’t made one since primary school. ”

Teruteru boozu
An authentic, but faceless, teruteru bozu displayed in a shop window in southern Osaka. Photo: DDS