Back online.

I originally set up this site as an online portfolio to help me get work as a journalist in Australia. But, seeing as I have a job at APN as a “digital online producer”, there’s not such a pressing need for me to showcase my work online.

I’ve been thinking revamping my site and having a little bit of fun with it and treating it more like a public scrapbook than an online CV.

A few weeks back I pulled up my site to see if I could brainstorm a little and figure out what changes I’d make. Did I really need to share that short article I wrote about the changes to fencing laws? No. No, I didn’t.

Unfortunately some characters, who proudly identified themselves as Moroccan hackers, beat me to it. They wiped all of my precious content and replaced it with their own political messages.

It turned out to be a catalyst for me to get my faeces together and get this fresh new site off the ground and into Cyberstan.

With some valuable assistance from my web-master and long-term mate Morgs, I’m back baby!

Watch this space.