Gym-ball mash up

In my early teens one of my favourite pastimes other than number plate spotting was what I’ll refer to as seaside freestyle gymnastics or SFG. After school a group of us would scurry down to the Margate beachfront and do a variety of flips from a bank onto the sand roughly two feet below. There was no “parkour” in those days. We were just restless youths making the most of our local infrastructure.

Fast forward to today, yes literally today, and as was I walking along the beach at Redcliffe with my camera I saw a couple of young gents launching themselves into the air off a gym-ball that they had partially buried in the sand.

This humble ball has more uses than just doubling as trendy office chairs and being used in jumbo soccer games.

They were kind enough to allow me to photograph what I’ll refer to as, for lack of better term, iSFG 2.0.

One of the chaps said he saw the ball being used like this on YouTube and this was the first time he had tried it for himself. Photo: DDS.
A nice way to spend a Saturday morning on a beach with no waves. Photo: DDS.
They even let this antiquated rusty dog try some old tricks. Photo: JK.