Author: DDS

Japan: Now and then.

I did promise to create a spectacular series of animated antique Japanese photographs. And I still plan to complete this project. But in the meantime, I decided to do a quick edit (in Final Cut Pro) that juxtaposes the new and old of Japan. Watch in full-screen mode to properly savour the HD goodness. And […]

Treasure chest of images

When I lived in Japan I’d always enjoy the markets held at the temples. They sold all kinds of weird and wonderful one-off items. Visiting one such market with my cousin in Osaka, we came across this giant box of assorted black and white photographs that was being offloaded at a bargain price. We split […]

The espresso machine Julian made

I love to hang around people who are passionate about their interests. Julian, or Julz as I always call him, certainly fits into this category. The first time I met him was when he was still at uni and working at a coffee shop. He told me about a Frankenstein coffee machine he created from […]

Weed Heads and Bong Skate Park

Like the BeeGees, I went to Humpybong State School. Other kids from neighbouring schools used to employ their sharpest wit and call it Humpy-pong. Ouch! The Humpybong Skate Park would often have the “Humpy” part painted over. “Bong Skate Park”! Can you imagine that? I’ve been working in Tweed Heads since late May last year […]

Japanese anti-rain dolly thingies

This entry is a thinly disguised iPhone test post. To be superficial one must mention the weather, correct? Tomorrow I’m hoping to shoot a My Town segment at Chinderah so I’m hoping water won’t continue to fall from the sky. My video camera is like a mogwai and mustn’t get wet. In Japan I remember […]

Recycling recycling

“Never use the same word twice in a headline.” I received that advice and have tried to stick to it. But I’ll play by my own rules in the DDS*Mediasphere. I’ve avoided taking my video camera outside in the past week because of the inclement weather. I did, however, take it out for some fresh […]

Back online.

I originally set up this site as an online portfolio to help me get work as a journalist in Australia. But, seeing as I have a job at APN as a “digital online producer”, there’s not such a pressing need for me to showcase my work online. I’ve been thinking revamping my site and having […]