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I’d been eagerly awaiting the second series of Lowdown – the sitcom based around the misadventures tabloid journalist Alex Burchill – ever since the first series aired a couple of years back. Sure, there’s a journalistic link, but the unique brand of humour also appeals to me.

So when the first episode of the new series aired, I was there fully attentive and ready to laugh away. What I wasn’t ready for, however, was a reference to something I’d been discussing with some work colleagues earlier that day.

We had been talking about some classic journalistic mistakes – in particular one example that had got one of our mastheads in a little hot water. Anyway, this video I made will explain how the sitcom and the mistake came together.

And have a look at the accompanying infographic here.

Weed Heads and Bong Skate Park

Like the BeeGees, I went to Humpybong State School. Other kids from neighbouring schools used to employ their sharpest wit and call it Humpy-pong. Ouch!

The Humpybong Skate Park would often have the “Humpy” part painted over. “Bong Skate Park”! Can you imagine that?

I’ve been working in Tweed Heads since late May last year and I’ve learned that there is a similar practice here. The somewhat regal name of Tweed Heads, by the removal of a single letter, becomes weed Heads. Punctuation is KO’ed by the comedic heavyweights. That’s clever. Oscar Wilde, eat your heart out!

The act of minus-T.I first learned about this cultural phenomenon when I wrote an article about the Tweed Heads’ Wikipedia entry being vandalised. Read it for yourself.

Anyway, it wasn’t until earlier this month – way after the Wikipedia entry had been fixed up – that I actually saw, what I will henceforth refer to as the ‘act of minus-T’, it with my own eyeballs.I knew I had to capture the act of minus-T and store it digitally for future generations.

There’s a very smug person with green stains on his or her hands who laughs every time they pass this sign. Somebody with green thumbs.

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